A world Music and Publishing company

Our Heritage

Employees at TOOST have a passion for music, culture and entertainment, our brand provides entertainment and helps to improve the wellbeing of others. This is our mission, and it forms the basis of everything we do.

TOOST MUSIC is one of the most recognized world music brands of cross – cultural music and videos. A label brand, known for its unwavering commitment to creativity and quality productions. Committed to supporting and furthering engaging art projects, representing, artists, producers, designers, and video animators.
Our work represents a wide range of music genres, songwriters, artists, producers, supporting online media entertainment services.

Beyond media productions, TOOST trusted brands, TOOST MUSIC represents a world music catalog, and TOOST Publishing a music synch services. The brand’s roster is sold through digital retail partners on streaming platforms, social media, and many global aggregation channels. When it comes to a long-term relationship with our international partners, we maintain our goal and passion for music and service on a daily basis to the international music and audiovisual industry.

 Why we say,
Not everyone can be Famous “Among Us, You Are A Star”