Is a R&D lab service, that audit and test sound systems and nearfield monitors. We go to extremes in perfection of your sound system, testing and upgrading monitors to the highest standards. Our expertise follow surgical insight, where the difference between acoustic sounding and measurements are accurate. We have developed a forensic audio protocol unparalleled in the industry to audit any sound systems to be able to benchmark and to pin point the performance areas of frequency response, crossover filters, mid-side phase response, and measurements. Our highly trained R&D team can provide concise results by anlayzing your sound system, components, and the level of acoustic quality.

Our R&D service includes:

Analyze spectral data
Analyze acoustic response
Crossfilter improvement
Recalibrating of frequency response
Testing & Consult on location


Our R&D Lab, audits all types of sound monitors, we can provide recommendations to upgrade your product and making sure the results will lead to a end products of artisan quality.

Need R&D sound system audits?

Our experts can provide the final step in realizing your dreams, audit and recommendate at any location. call or send us your requests.